Boy do I have things to say

A new season, a new set of goals. A Physics student set free from the burden of exams for the long summer holidays. Whatever shall he do?

Deeply does this student search himself, and he finds something startling. Something amazing. He wants to develop himself.

I’m starting this blog (even though I have another one) in order to record my progress over this summer, plus to vent all those things I have to say. But before I share these goals, I need to share something. I want to own my own business. When I graduate I don’t want to work for someone else (unless it’s a really cool job), I want to work for me. There are many reasons for this, ranging from not wanting to be in a position where I suffer constructive dismissal like a member of family had recently suffered, to it being the only way to field my dreams. I want to change the world. I want to make a dent in the universe. Heck I want to own the damn universe.

However small steps need to be taken.

Firstly I have discovered two deep flaws in myself. The easiest route these days to start a business is in the form of web applications. However being a self-confessed (cool) computer geek who studies physics, I barely know any code. Hence this is something that needs to be addressed.

Additionally after reading some of the stuff from 37signals, I’ve realised clear writing is important. I used to be a clear writer back in my secondary school days, but alas the toll of math and physics equations has made a dent in my writing ability. Therefore this shall also be something I address over these holidays.

After doing some really cooool web surfing, I came across this language api called ruby on rails. Boy is it cool. I’m gonna learn this, by first learning ruby. As I write this I have Chris Pine’s “Learn to Program” on my desk, itching me to continue turning its pages. The plan after that is to learn ruby on rails afterwards, and then write some simple web apps. (I have some ideas of the big ones I want to write later…probably with the help of some other more intelligent people)

In regards to my writing, I shall also be studying Style: Lessons in Clarity and Grace by Joseph M. Williams. Found out about this book after doing a Quora search.

I hope I continue to write in this blog. It would suck if I didn’t. I also hope my writing style improves, it would suck more if it didn’t.

(also sorry about all the hyperlinks)

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