Cool web design is cool

I decided to include a draft of the original post here in order to hopefully demonstrate an improvement in writing skill. Maybe I might do this for all future posts…

As I journey through the trials of teaching myself ruby, I procrastinate and daydream by thinking of that web app.

That web app is the app that will have my soul infused into it. It will be the culmination of blood, sweat, tears and black magic. It will shake the very foundations of the Interwebz, and my name will be etched into the immortal pillars of cyberspace.

(It should be noted that these “trials” involve going through a beginner’s book, browsing reddit and listening to Daft Punk :p ).

That web app means that I seek inspiration in web design wherever I look. Hence when I came across Instapaper I fell in love. A clean theme that also oozes the sophistication associated with newspapers are not its only benefits. It’s also dead drop simple to use.

My Arts and Design & Tech teachers can testify that I am not a designer in any skill or form. However I can recognise beauty as much as any other human being. A fact that I am proud of as it will allow me to draw influence in other people’s design for that web app.

(I’m telling you that web app is going to blow your mind when you eventually lay eyes on it. You will never ever look at your screen in the same way again. All because of that web app)

Reading signals vs noise has led me to deeper appreciate the role of design for everything. I must master design at any cost.

Yet I’m happy I still didn’t study an arts degree…

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