Where Has David Heasman Gone?

S’up, David Heasman here.

Have you been wondering why I haven’t written in ages on this website? Have you been curious upon why I’ve become such a fool, for not following my own advice? For not writing down stuff?

Have you been curious what exploits David Heasman has been carrying out?

I’ll tell you.

Let me tell you a story of a boy.

There once was a kid named David Heasman. He thought he wanted to go into investment banking. He hustled hard for an internship at the big investment banks. He played the game, he networked, optimised his CV, and attended events.

He failed, but then he fell back on his backup card. He used a bit of some ol’ nepotism and got an internship at his uncle’s firm.

He was jubilant. He was through the roof. He started work, excited to see what went on in these banks.

However the veil of awesomeness left his eyes after a few days. In his 2nd week he already started to brainstorm ideas of projects he wanted to run. Projects which will eventually provide him income allowing him to not get work.

He started this blog to detail that journey. But then he reneged on the journal.

But he started up again. Just not here…

The truth is, I’ve been cheating on this blog. I’ve been writing about my exploits, and thoughts on entrepreneurship on a different blog.

The new home of David Heasman is here.

On this blog I write about my hustles, my crazy experiments, my thoughts on marketing and entrepreneurship, and a chronicle of all my failures. Because that’s how I roll.

Would you like to keep up on all things awesome about hustling? Will you like to know insights on how to carry out remarkable marketing? Will you like to understand how to fail on your side hustles and projects?

Then follow through. Check out the new blog of David Heasman here.

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