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The raw creative process

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

If you read those words, and it invokes that sense of nostalgia and very fond memories, then we have something in common. Ocarina of Time was an integral part of my late childhood and was possibly the last game which I played where I truly felt like I was interfacing with a piece of magic.

Why am I suddenly ranting on about the game Edge magazine called the greatest console game of all time? Well it was after reading these two articles at IGN here and here and I realised the creative process that went behind the game’s inception. Do yourself a favour and read those articles if your a fan of the game.

Being grown up, and reading the raw creative process behind it makes me appreciate more just how good this game was. The Z-targeting system arose due to the limitation of how to battle multiple foes at once as a lone swordsman, and the inspiration from scripted choreographed sword battles. Not only was this a neat and intuitive solution (that was fun to play), it was also so good that others copied it. Tell me a 3rd person action game that isn’t a shooter that doesn’t have some form z-targetting system (except a platformer), that’s fun and not frustrating to play.

However that is just one of many examples. The fact that Link’s design was so cool stopped Miyamoto’s idea of making the game a first person adventure. Additionally even why Link’s design is that of a cool elf-like creature has its own story.

Yet Zelda isn’t all I want to talk about. This influences the idea of that web app. I think there’s something to be had in having the raw creative process of a project be showcased, heck even be part of the finished product in some way for those who are curious enough to explore it. It is in this way that the user can perhaps touch the magic of the project.