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Where Has David Heasman Gone?

S’up, David Heasman here.

Have you been wondering why I haven’t written in ages on this website? Have you been curious upon why I’ve become such a fool, for not following my own advice? For not writing down stuff?

Have you been curious what exploits David Heasman has been carrying out?

I’ll tell you.

Let me tell you a story of a boy.

There once was a kid named David Heasman. He thought he wanted to go into investment banking. He hustled hard for an internship at the big investment banks. He played the game, he networked, optimised his CV, and attended events.

He failed, but then he fell back on his backup card. He used a bit of some ol’ nepotism and got an internship at his uncle’s firm.

He was jubilant. He was through the roof. He started work, excited to see what went on in these banks.

However the veil of awesomeness left his eyes after a few days. In his 2nd week he already started to brainstorm ideas of projects he wanted to run. Projects which will eventually provide him income allowing him to not get work.

He started this blog to detail that journey. But then he reneged on the journal.

But he started up again. Just not here…

The truth is, I’ve been cheating on this blog. I’ve been writing about my exploits, and thoughts on entrepreneurship on a different blog.

The new home of David Heasman is here.

On this blog I write about my hustles, my crazy experiments, my thoughts on marketing and entrepreneurship, and a chronicle of all my failures. Because that’s how I roll.

Would you like to keep up on all things awesome about hustling? Will you like to know insights on how to carry out remarkable marketing? Will you like to understand how to fail on your side hustles and projects?

Then follow through. Check out the new blog of David Heasman here.


An entry into the corporate world and Nigeria part 1

During this summer when my plans were to learn ruby despite my obvious lack of a programming background, my mother quietly arranged an internship with my uncle’s company in Nigeria. I personally thought it wasn’t going to happen as the last 3 planned trips for me to Nigeria just never happened so I had lost faith. In fact I could go on a lot about this, as I have a very rich history with this country which is one of my homelands, but that is for another post.

So there I was thinking I had the summer, and then BAM! My flights got booked, got my visa within 24 hours, and I got a whole bunch of new shirts and some replacement suit trousers. The shirts and trousers were needed as it has been nearly 2 years since I’ve had to wear a suit regularly. Anyone that says you can’t prepare for a 4 week internship in another country in 3 days has obviously not met my mother.

Specifically my internship is with a corporate finance advisory firm based in Lagos who have strong links with the oil and gas sector. (Oil accounts for about 80% of Nigeria’s GDP, you don’t do oil, you don’t do nothing). However this is the first internship I have had, and I can now fully understand all the complaints people have about office life.

Firstly the hours. Now I have heard all through my life, my desire for late wake-ups will bite me in the ass later, to which I would reply, “I’m gonna work for myself, so I’ll get up when I want!”. But obviously growing up I’ve realised that entire waking up early denoting a hard working person is just a societal bias. I actually gear towards being a night owl. My most productive moments are at night. So waking up early, going to an office and being expected to work my ass off is just unrealistic, but I gotta do it, cos thats the way things work. Then the amount of hours spent just pretending to work. I’ve been given one major task, and after that they’ve just left us interns alone, because everyone is busy. If I was trying to hustle a job here, it would be a different story. I would become all keen, and start kissing ass by asking people to offload some of their tasks onto me. But I’m not, so I won’t. Additionally I’ve realised how key passion is to what you’re doing. As a physics student, even though problem sheets and labs is work, I still enjoy it in a perverted way because it has to do with physics. I love physics.

However its not all too bad. A lot of the people at the office are pretty cool. In Nigeria, especially Lagos, everyone knows everyone. The mentor that got assigned to me, used to be pretty tight with one of my uncle’s when they were young, and even though he’s 40 I bumped into him twice on my night out on Friday. There’s always banter going around the office when everyone isn’t in their zone, so its actually a pretty fun place to work. If you like corporate finance.

Its not too bad a job. The meetings where you sell and pitch to clients seem like fun. Sat in on a meeting which was basically a pseudo venture capital deal. I say pseudo because the company I’m with are not venture capitalists, however that was the role they were playing when they were pitching to investors, and also because there isn’t a venture capital industry in Nigeria. Additionally seeing how a deal is structure from the inside is pretty cool. I’m not passionate about deal structuring, I’m just passionate about deals which shape and move the world. I like things that change the world.

However I’m only halfway through my 4 weeks. I spend my offtime dreaming of businesses I can sustainably launch by myself before December. I have a dream to be financially independent before I finish my 3rd year of university. This experience has further reinforced my ideas for my future.

I want to be an entrepreneur.

Cool web design is cool

I decided to include a draft of the original post here in order to hopefully demonstrate an improvement in writing skill. Maybe I might do this for all future posts…

As I journey through the trials of teaching myself ruby, I procrastinate and daydream by thinking of that web app.

That web app is the app that will have my soul infused into it. It will be the culmination of blood, sweat, tears and black magic. It will shake the very foundations of the Interwebz, and my name will be etched into the immortal pillars of cyberspace.

(It should be noted that these “trials” involve going through a beginner’s book, browsing reddit and listening to Daft Punk :p ).

That web app means that I seek inspiration in web design wherever I look. Hence when I came across Instapaper I fell in love. A clean theme that also oozes the sophistication associated with newspapers are not its only benefits. It’s also dead drop simple to use.

My Arts and Design & Tech teachers can testify that I am not a designer in any skill or form. However I can recognise beauty as much as any other human being. A fact that I am proud of as it will allow me to draw influence in other people’s design for that web app.

(I’m telling you that web app is going to blow your mind when you eventually lay eyes on it. You will never ever look at your screen in the same way again. All because of that web app)

Reading signals vs noise has led me to deeper appreciate the role of design for everything. I must master design at any cost.

Yet I’m happy I still didn’t study an arts degree…